The Training Programme

The course will be over 6 weeks, broken down into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1

Introduction and health & safety. Discussion of tools of trade, introduction to customer service, shampooing techniques, contraindications, and more to lay the foundation of knowledge for the rest of the course.

Working with models and applying your newfound knowledge to start your hands-on experience of men’s hairstyling.

  • Phase 2

Starting with consultation analysis and then continuing working with models and applying more basic to intermediate techniques to broaden your knowledge further. Focusing on clipper confidence and effective sectioning techniques. Learning about correct consultation techniques and further developing customer service skills.

  • Phase 3

Apply all of the knowledge you have amassed to more defined styles focusing on the individuals needs. By this stage you should be developing your own styles and working towards a diverse portfolio and focusing on the end of course capstone competition.

  • End of course CV help.
  • End of course placement help.
  • End of course job opportunities at mohair.
  • End of course achievement certificate – and photographed portfolio book.
  • Customer service & sales seminar.
  • Social media & photography seminar.

Course Start Dates

Register interest now for the next course date in 2018.

Info Sessions

Info coming soon.

Course Price

  • Price on application.


  • How much experience do I need?

None or very little. Even experienced barbers or hairstylists who have been out of work would find it useful.

  • Do I need to bring any equipment?

No, all equipment will be supplied.

  • How many haircuts can I expect to do?

How to Apply


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